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Stay cool and comfortable on the road with auto AC repair and service from Motoring Specialists. You can trust us to keep your cabin climate perfect for every journey you take.

Your European car is built with your comfort in mind, down to its highly effective air conditioning system. So, when something goes wrong with the AC, you instantly know it. Figuring out just what went wrong, however, is another story altogether. The highly complex AC systems in German and European cars don’t give up their secrets easily, but thankfully, we’re here to help.

How Auto Air Conditioning Works

Also known as the climate control system, auto air conditioning works by pressurizing and circulating refrigerant through the system. As that happens, the refrigerant moves between a liquid and gaseous state to generate cold air.

The AC system uses that air to cool the cabin space to the desired temperature, so you can enjoy a truly comfortable drive whenever you get behind the wheel. Some cars keep the AC running at the set speed, while many others go as far as automatically keeping the cabin at the desired temperature.

Common AC Repairs in European Vehicles

When the air conditioning system in your car stops working, you’ll need to have it fully diagnosed to see what’s gone wrong. To start that process, your technician will look at your complaint and then check the system’s operation as a whole. They will also usually check the refrigerant level to see if any has leaked out.

If so, they must perform the AC leak detection process unless the leak is bad enough to detect with the naked eye. They will add a specially formulated UV dye to the refrigerant lines to accomplish that diagnostic check. When put under a special light, this dye illuminates the leak point so the technician knows what to fix. Depending on their findings, they may need to replace a line, although leaks can also occur due to part failures.

Low refrigerant levels can lead to the catastrophic failure of the AC compressor and other parts of the system. If that happens, you must replace those parts to complete the air conditioning repair process.

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AC System Components

From BMW and Audi to Jaguar and Volvo, European cars typically use all the following parts in their AC systems:

The system connects all these parts with low- and high-pressure lines circulating the refrigerant. If any of the components or lines develops a leak or otherwise fail, your car won’t be able to blow cold air through the vents any longer.

When to Come in For Air Conditioning Repair

Here are some signs your European car may need air conditioning repair:

  • AC airflow doesn’t feel cold enough
  • Weak airflow coming out of the vents
  • Musty or otherwise unpleasant odors
  • AC system rapidly cycles on and off
  • AC lines visibly leaking refrigerant
  • Condensation on the interior surfaces
  • Dashboard warning light comes on

You might also discover that your AC system is on the fritz when it fails to turn on.

No matter what alerts you to the problem, our certified European auto repair specialists can help you figure out the cause. Then, we’ll share our repair recommendations with you, supported by pictures and videos from the digital vehicle inspection.

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If the AC system in your European vehicle doesn’t cool like you want it to, you can count on our team at Motoring Specialists Inc. to help you out. We’re happy to track down the cause of the problem and then provide our professional AC repair recommendations.

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