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Whether your BMW needs factory-recommended maintenance in Vacaville, CA, or more extensive repairs, Motoring Specialists Inc. is your one-stop shop.

Our highly skilled, certified BMW mechanics boast the expertise and state-of-the-art tools to perform European auto repair and BMW service for all years and models.

Drivers from Vacaville, CA, and neighboring areas choose Motoring Specialists Inc. for our exceptional customer service and cost-effective BMW maintenance. Say goodbye to dealership overcharges for BMW factory-recommended service and repairs. Reach out to Motoring Specialists Inc. for top-quality BMW care at the most competitive rates.

BMW Factory-Recommended Maintenance & Service in Vacaville, CA

One of the best steps to protect your vehicle and extend its lifespan is to adhere to the BMW factory-recommended maintenance schedule. Factory-recommended maintenance includes all the BMW services and inspections the manufacturer suggests you should have performed at specific intervals. These services are paramount for preventing more expensive repairs, extending the life of your BMW, and increasing safety. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific factory-recommended maintenance for your BMW. However, here’s what you can expect:

At 10,000-mile intervals or annually:

Schedule an oil and filter change

Schedule a coolant inspection

At 20,000-mile intervals or every two years:

Inspect and replace fuel filters.

At 30,000-mile intervals or every three years:

Replace manual transmission fluid.

Replace brake fluid every 30,000 miles—after your first replacement at 60,000 miles.

At 60,000-mile intervals or every six years:

Replace automatic transmission fluid

Inspect and replace brake rotors and brake pads as needed

Replace your spark plugs and engine air filters

At 90,000-mile intervals or every nine years:

Replace timing belts

Replace hoses

Once you reach 90,000 miles, you should continue with BMW factory-recommended maintenance by repeating the schedule above.

BMW Preventative Maintenance Services in Vacaville, CA

In addition to factory-recommended maintenance, you should have BMW preventative maintenance every six months or every 5,000 miles. BMW preventative maintenance includes the following services:

  1. Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection
  2. Brake Fluid Inspection
  3. Inspection of Your Brakes
  4. Coolant Inspection
  5. Cabin Air Filter Inspection
  6. Engine Oil Inspection
  7. Tire Rotation
  8. Windshield Wiper Blade Inspection
  9. And more

BMW Repair in Vacaville, CA

Even when you have preventative and factory-recommended maintenance as suggested by the manufacturer, your BMW may need repairs. When it does, the experts at Motoring Specialists Inc. can help. As the leading BMW service facility in Vacaville, CA, we offer every BMW repair your vehicle will ever need, such as:

  • BMW Diagnostics
  • BMW Check Engine Light
  • BMW Factory Recommended Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Oil Change Service for BMWs
  • BMW Brake Repair
  • BMW Suspension Repair
  • BMW Air Conditioning Repair
  • A/C Service & Repair
  • And more

BMW Oil Leak Repair Services

While BMWs are reliable, every brand has common problems. And BMWs are no different. Engine oil leaks from gaskets and seals are almost inevitable for BMWs and other German brands. Unfortunately, no preventative measures can prevent BMW oil leaks. At best, you can quickly repair it to prevent more expensive BMW repair issues. One of the main reasons BMW vehicles have oil leaks is because the manufacturer uses a more natural type of rubber instead of synthetic ones. Additionally, BMW oil leaks can be caused by several other culprits.

Quick action is essential when dealing with BMW oil leaks. At Motoring Specialists Inc., your Vacaville BMW service center and repair shop, we place a high emphasis on promptly identifying and cost-effectively resolving oil leaks as part of our routine BMW service. Neglecting or postponing oil leak repairs can result in more costly problems down the road, including potential engine damage.

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Seeking a BMW Repair Shop Near You? Choose Motoring Specialists Inc.

At Motoring Specialists Inc., we offer comprehensive BMW service, factory-recommended maintenance, and auto repairs. Whether you have a BMW coolant leak, or oil leak, or need an engine tune-up, Motoring Specialists Inc. can and will help. We have invested in the latest and most advanced equipment to perform the best BMW service. And because we have significantly lower overhead than the BMW dealership, we can perform BMW service at more affordable prices. Don’t overpay at the European dealership for BMW service! Instead, contact Motoring Specialists Inc.!

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