Auto Repair and Maintenance For Volvo in Vacaville, CA

Just as Volvo has redefined safety and style, our experts redefine care for your vehicle. From diagnostics to repairs, trust Motoring Specialists to keep your Volvo driving as beautifully as the day it left the factory.

World-renowned for their safety, Volvo goes above and beyond to create technologically advanced vehicles everyone will love. From their entire lineup of iconic wagons to the sophisticated XC90 Excellence SUV, all their vehicles turn heads wherever they go while offering the ultimate driving experience. 

At Motoring Specialists Inc., our European auto repair experts specialize in the upkeep of all top Volvo models. Want to get the highest quality of care for your vehicle? Here’s our approach to Volvo repair in Vacaville, CA.

Typical Volvo Maintenance Intervals

With regular maintenance visits, you’ll get your car inspected from nose to tail, ensuring you stay current on its overall condition. Furthermore, the services preserve the function of major systems by replacing their consumable parts and freshening up their fluids.

Every model has their own specific service needs, but modern Volvos typically follow a schedule that looks like this:

Every 7,500 miles

  • Oil change
  • Fluid services
  • Tire pressure check
  • Through inspection
  • Clean the windshield on camera-equipped vehicles

Every 15,000 miles

Every 30,000 miles

Additional services occur at the 60/90/120k intervals and may include a complete tune-up, transmission flush, and safety system inspection. The exact services your car needs depend on its year, model, and build characteristics. Thankfully, our team takes the guesswork out of caring for your car by creating a personalized service plan.

Our Most Common Volvo Repair Services

As your trusted certified Volvo specialists, we can complete all the repair services your car needs to stay in good working order, such as:

Proven Solutions for Volvo Throttle Issues

The throttle body must stay clean and move freely to regulate the amount of air going into the engine accurately. If it’s allowed to get dirty, your check engine will likely turn on, letting you know about the problem. Eventually, your engine may stall at inopportune times, resulting in a poor driving experience.

Keeping the throttle body clean in Volvos can prove challenging due to carbon buildup on the throttle plate. Thankfully, our team can help. At our shop, we understand the importance of keeping the throttle body clean and completing all the other upkeep tasks your engine needs to keep running strong.

Visit Our Volvo Certified Mechanics at Vacaville, CA

When you need Volvo maintenance and repairs, you can trust our team at Motoring Specialists Inc. to complete every service with care. As your leading European auto repair shop in Vacaville, CA, we’re the top spot for vehicle diagnostics, comprehensive repairs, and preventative maintenance services.

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