Common Causes of BMW Oil Leaks (and How to Identify Them)

There’s perhaps nothing more concerning than pulling out of your garage and seeing the puddle of oil made by your BMW. The engine needs to stay at the proper oil level, after all, to prevent the internals from wearing down or even failing outright.

Despite the exceptional engine build quality, BMW oil leaks are quite common, especially after putting mile after mile on your car. In fact, even with regular maintenance, your car will undoubtedly develop at least one oil leak in its life, leaving you having to track down and fix the problem fast.

If that’s your current reality, just know that you don’t have to go it alone. Our team at Motoring Specialist Inc. has ample experience in finding and repairing BMW oil leaks of all kinds.

The Perils of Unaddressed Oil Leaks

BMW Car oil leaks | Motoring Specialists

In a perfect world, the oil in your engine should always stay at the same level. So, if you notice that your car has low oil levels, there’s definitely something wrong. The engine could be burning oil, but it’s more likely that it’s leaking oil out of a blown seal or gasket.

Either way, an oil-starved engine is not something you want on your hands. Without enough clean motor oil, the engine’s internals experience excessive friction and heat that can quickly lead to catastrophic damage. Once that happens, you’ll need to get an engine replacement or cut your losses and sell your car at a discount.

Ultimately, it’s better to stay on top of your oil levels with regular visits to our Vacaville CA auto repair shop. When you come to us, our talented Euro car techs will check your oil levels and perform a full inspection to see if there are any signs of leaks.

Common BMW Oil Leak Points

When BMW oil leaks appear, it’s not always obvious where the fluid is leaking from. Oil will often drip down into lower areas or burn off completely as you drive, leaving you searching high and low for failed seals and gaskets.

Our certified auto repair techs are well-versed in all the most common BMW oil leak points, such as:

  • Valve cover gasket
  • Oil pan gasket or drain plug
  • Timing cover gasket
  • Oil filter housing gasket
  • Crankshaft seal
  • Rear main seal
  • Turbocharger oil lines
  • Oil cooler gasket

So, when you come to us, we’ll take the time to complete a digital vehicle inspection and then share our findings with you. Through that process, you’ll get to review pictures and videos showing the source of the leak before deciding whether to authorize the recommended repairs.

When to Repair BMW Oil Leaks

When in peak condition, your BMW’s engine should not even leak a drop of oil. So, even the tiniest leak points to a big problem developing. And there’s no telling how fast the leak will go from a few drops to a big puddle.

To avoid that, you’ll want to watch for all the following signs of BMW oil leaks:

  • Oil stains or puddles on your driveway
  • A burning smell coming from the engine bay
  • Visible oil seepage on or around your engine
  • Low oil levels showing on the dipstick
  • Oil level warning light turns on

If you miss the early signs, your engine may let you know that there’s an issue by hesitating, misfiring, or otherwise performing rather poorly. Any time you suspect that there might be an oil leak or other issue, bring your car in for a thorough inspection by your trusted Vacaville CA European auto repair team.

Book Your Visit for Help Repairing BMW Oil Leaks

Are BMW oil leaks weighing heavily on your mind? Allow our team at Motoring Specialists Inc. to resolve your concerns and help keep your car in fantastic condition. We’re always just a phone call away whenever you’d like to complete maintenance, diagnose car troubles, or repair your Euro car.

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