European Car Brakes: Are They Different from the Rest?

maintenance of European car brakes on BMW in Vacaville CAWhether you drive a BMW 3, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi 7, or any other European-made vehicle, European vehicles are built differently. They boast an undeniable allure and stunning performance that many drivers in Vacaville, CA, prefer. While European cars boast numerous benefits, ease of maintenance and repair isn’t among them.

Instead, finding affordable European auto repair services can be challenging. Fortunately, Motoring Specialists Inc. is the premier dealership alternative for European brake repair and auto repair services. As experts, we’ve outlined a few key differences between repairing European car brakes and domestic vehicles. Continue reading to learn more and contact Motoring Specialists Inc. for European auto repair.

European Manufacturers Engineer Vehicles at Higher Standards

Whether you need BMW brake service, Mercedes brake service in Vacaville, CA, or Jaguar brake service, European automobiles have braking systems engineered to higher standards of excellence. From brake pads to performance hoses, belts to rotors, and virtually every other part, each meets the rigorous demands of European automotive performance. Consequently, these components come with a higher price tag. Even if you opt for aftermarket parts for your brake repair and service needs, you’ll find that European vehicle parts generally command a premium compared to their counterparts for Asian or American vehicles.

European Vehicles, Whether German, British, or Italian, Require Special Software

Modern European vehicles are built with unprecedented levels of sophistication. Modern cars have cutting-edge computer systems that mechanics rely on for diagnosing various systems and components, including the braking system. Even the most simple brake repair service, such as a brake pad replacement, may require specialized equipment and computer software to release the calipers.

It’s worth noting that the diagnostic software required for European vehicles tends to come at a higher cost compared to Asian and American counterparts. Considering the specialized diagnostic tools required to perform European brake repair, most domestic repair facilities do not invest. This increases the total cost of European brake repair.

You Should Replace Your Brake Pads and Rotors at the Same Time

At Motoring Specialists, Inc., we advise our European car drivers to replace the rotors and brake pads at the same time. This is due to the distinct design of European car brakes. A notable feature of many European vehicles is the use of softer compound materials in their brakes to amplify performance. The softer brake pad material enhances grip and provides a firm brake pedal feel.

While this results in improved braking performance, it can lead to quicker wear of the brake pads, necessitating more frequent replacements. Given this design, it becomes crucial to replace both the rotors and brake pads simultaneously. Whenever one brake component wears down, it imposes additional strain on other parts, potentially leading to more extensive damage and a higher likelihood of future repairs.

Replacing European brake pads and rotors together can lead to potential long-term savings. It also ensures that your brake pads and rotors work in perfect harmony. This approach can help ensure more efficient and effective braking performance. However, this may not be the case for Asian and American vehicles.

Can Any Repair Shop in Vacaville, CA Perform European Brake Repair?

No! Many auto repair shops in the area will not touch a European vehicle. European vehicles stand apart from their American and Asian counterparts in significant ways. Each part of a European car is uniquely engineered with advanced technology, necessitating specialized knowledge for repairs and servicing.

When your vehicle needs European brake repair, you will typically have two options:

  1. Overpay at the dealership to have your European car brakes repaired.
  2. Save time and money by choosing Motoring Specialists Inc. in Vacaville, CA.

At Motoring Specialists, Inc., our seasoned mechanics possess the requisite tools and knowledge to service any European model.

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