Mercedes Suspension Issues Every Owner Should Know

When kept in good condition, your Mercedes suspension offers a smooth, quiet ride, allowing you to live in the lap of luxury. But all that changes as soon as any of the vital suspension parts wear out or outright break. Once that happens, you’re left searching for the right solution, so you can enjoy all your drives to the fullest once again.

Thankfully, our team at Motoring Specialists Inc. can help. Our experienced ASE-certified techs have the skills and experience to resolve all your Mercedes suspension issues. Here’s a look at the most common problems we fix at our shop.

Mercedes AIRMATIC Air Suspension Problems

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If your Mercedes has the coveted AIRMATIC suspension system, you will likely end up having to complete suspension repairs at least once in your vehicle’s life. That’s because this complex system uses a series of interconnected parts that all must operate as intended to provide the luxury ride you’ve come to expect. If any of the following problems occur, you’ll undoubtedly end up experiencing a harsh and bumpy ride.

Strut Leaks

AIRMATIC air struts have the potential to start leaking as they age. Their rubber airbags become brittle and crack, allowing the air to escape. Once that happens, your struts can no longer cushion the ride or perform all the cool tricks your air suspension system does, like auto-leveling and axle lift.

Compressor Failure

The air compressor fills up the airbags on demand to keep your vehicle at the right height and comfort level. Over time, the compressor starts to wear out, often causing it to run more often and sound rather loud each time it kicks on. Leaking airbags and moisture in the system accelerates the compressor wear considerably.

Electrical Faults

Unlike fully mechanical suspension systems, AIRMATIC uses electrical components to change the ride height and quality on the fly. If any parts in that system fail, the system won’t be able to properly communicate and make those changes.

For that reason, when your suspension has problems, our techs will look over and potentially test all the following parts to find the cause:

  • Sensors
  • Control module
  • Solenoid valves
  • Wiring connectors
  • Wiring harness

We will then provide the Mercedes repair recommendations needed to restore the full function of your car’s suspension system.

When it comes to the Mercedes AIRMATIC suspension system, minor issues with one part can quickly escalate, resulting in damage to adjacent components as well. For example, if the air dryer filtration system doesn’t work as intended, moisture going into the compressor can damage the pump.

That’s why we recommend having your Euro car inspected for issues on a regular basis. Our digital vehicle inspection process will give you a snapshot of your car’s overall condition, so you can resolve minor issues before they can get worse. You’ll get to enjoy true peace of mind on all your travels as a result, making it well worth booking a few extra visits to the shop.

Mechanical Suspension Wear and Tear

AIRMATIC suspension systems are not the only ones that can develop problems. Mechanical suspension wears out, too, causing a marked decline in ride quality and handling. In addition, hitting potholes, curbs, and other hazards can damage the suspension parts, necessitating their replacement.

At our Vacaville CA auto repair shop, we can expertly diagnose your Euro car’s suspension issues and replace all the components in the system, such as:

  • Bushings
  • Control arms
  • Sway bar links
  • Ball joints
  • Tie rods
  • Shocks and struts
  • Coil springs

After completing your suspension repairs, we’ll complete a wheel alignment to restore the geometry of the system. Your tires will be able to properly track the road once again, restoring your car’s ultra-comfortable ride quality and excellent handling.

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